Solar and Wind Lighting

Is Your Signage Making an Impression at Night?


In the time it takes for traditional AC power to be located to a site, an EcoLiteco solar or solar/wind lighting solution can already be in place generating advertising revenue.  EcoLiteco’s affordable off-grid solar or solar/wind and battery-powered lighting solutions can be sized and customized to meet any commercial billboard, sign or transit shelter lighting and budgetary requirement. Our designs offer uncomplicated installation, serviceability and efficiencies unlike any comparable AC product.


Turnkey Solar Signs

EcoLiteco's turnkey sign systems offer customer's an easy, affordable way to place signage anywhere the sunshines! Standard sizes and colors are available or a system can be custom built to match any asthetic.  Our sign enclosures are designed for effortless installation, servicability and longevity and are portable enough to ship anywhere in the world.  



Solar Lighting Retrofits

In addition to EcoLiteco's turnkey solar lighting systems, EcoLiteco offers solar kits for retrofitting any sign, billboard or transit shelter from no power to solar or AC to solar power. For DIY enthusiasts, EcoLiteco also offers àl-la-cart parts.  Simply put, everything needed to disconnect signage from electric power! 


Solar/Battery/LED Charge Controllers

At the core of all our solar solutions is our proprietary, intuitive Solar/Battery/LED Charge Controllers.  Automatic sign lighting can be user-programmed for designated times or from dusk-to-dawn.  With operation, protection and safety features that go way beyond competitive products, our controllers increase battery life by preventing overcharging; prevent power loss back into the solar modules at night; control and conserve energy (battery standby power consumption is minimal); monitor over temperature for automatic shutdown; provide seven user-programmable automatic settings; protects from improper battery removal and short circuit overvoltage.



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