Plant-Grow Lighting

Nuetech USA Full-Spectrum LED Plant Grow Lighting

One of the hottest trends in today’s society is locally grown and harvested foods.  Now, with EcoLiteco's Nuetech USA plant-grow technology, obtaining produce from the local outdoor farm or mass producer is no longer the only option. Full-spectrum Nuetech USA Plant-Grow LEDs are suitable for professional and novice growers for vertical, greenhouse and indoor hydroponic farming.  Even without previous growing experience, flowering vegetables and fruit can be produced for personal use or to supplement income.

Scientifically proven to optimize and accelerate seed propagation and growth rate,  our new technology LEDs outperformed the two leading plant-grow lights in field trials conducted by industry experts. Each low-heat LED yields the required photo synthetically active radiation intensity (PAR/umol) essential for promoting healthy vegetable and flowering plant growth while improving harvest.

Comparable in light output to the industry typical high-watt, high-intensity-discharge (HID) lamp; yet our fixtures generate higher yields, while saving an incredible 70-80% in energy costs. Following stringent testing, our proven technology is now widely accepted in states such as California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon and Wisconsin.

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