About Us

Located in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Water World LED's team was inspired by the year-round playground we live in.  After years of advanced technology and solar energy experience, we found a niche in the LED and portable solar markets. Inspired by a community of family and friends who have instilled a great appreciation for the world we live in, our dedicated staff of like-minded individuals has worked tirelessly to create world-class designs that are also good for the environment.
Offering only state-of-the art components, Water World LED's product lines are affordable, durable and aesthetically pleasing to suit any setting. Our LED light products are all IP68-compliant marine-grade quality, ensuring long-life and reliability. These vibrant lights bring beauty and fun to water vessels for everything from spiffing up the look of a boat and attracting bait fish to colorful wakes for night-time water sports.  Home, restaurant and city marine park waterfronts can be brought to life creating a local paradise atmosphere. Even landlocked fisherman and divers can get in on the fun with our portable blue, white and green LED spotlights!  

To enhance our LED lighting products,Water World LED's solar-powered products are offered as an easy and affordable way to place exterior lighting anywhere the sun shines! Our team, pioneers in solar-power and wireless technology, has combined years of experience with our practical know-how of metal fabrication to create a product line that meets nearly every purpose and aesthetic requirement. Not needing to rely on electricity, our solar-powered products get rid of yearly energy costs and the need for electrical equipment, trenching and licensed electricians.

With an emphasis on quick assembly and installation, highest quality, low-maintenance parts and affordability, Water World LED's solar-powered products stand up to any AC product in the industry! Water World LED also offers custom solar kits for specialized and large projects.  Protected by generous warranties, our solar-lighting kits will bring quick and effortless lighting to even the most remote locations.